Totota swot analysis and marketing plan

Toyota has a strong brand presence globally.

Totota swot analysis and marketing plan

The company is mainly engaged in the automobile business and financial business. The popular brands of the company are Toyota and Lexus. The company includes subsidiaries.

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It is a leader in the car manufacture, assembly and distribution the world over. Its differentiation strategy has made it enjoy an almost monopolistic presence especially in the developing nations of the world.

Car plants represent a huge investment in expensive fixed costs, as well as the high costs of training and retaining labour.

Lexus has RX h hybrid, and Toyota has it Prius. Both are based upon advance technologies Totota swot analysis and marketing plan by the organization. The company has launched its new Aygo, which is targeted at the streetwise youth market and captures or attempts to the nature of dance and DJ culture in a very competitive segment.

For Example in wherebysports utility vehicles and pick —up trucks were recalled of which majority of them were sold in the U.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado brand covers the brand analysis in terms of SWOT, stp and competition. Along with the above analysis, segmentation, target group and positioning; the tagline, slogan & USP are covered. The Insight has a tail end similar to a Totota Prius, with the vertical glass pane as opposed to a regular hatchback or standard trunk. Driving it is fun, as there is a built in “coach” to . Toyota Production System -Business and Marketing Strategy, Swot Analysis and Its Implementation Plan Words | 13 Pages. Contents Executive Summary *“Toyota Service Management and Project Implementation Plan*” Report provides the complete analysis of Toyota and its Production System.

Competition is increasing almost daily, with new entrants coming into the market from China, South Korea and new plants in Eastern Europe. For example, the organization does not have any facilities set up in the Middle East because it involves too much political risk. Toyota Markets most of its products in US and Japan, therefore it is exposed to fluctuating economic and political conditions in the two markets.

To address this challenge Toyota has expanded to European market whereby it the most successful Japanese car manufacturer in Europe.


The new offices are to be co-located with Toyota Motor Sales regional offices and focus on investigating and addressing customer issues like reports of unintended acceleration. As a result of the use of advanced technologies adopted by the company, Toyota manufactures environmentally friendly vehicle called Toyota Prius.

The company has redesigned, the Prius making it more stylish than its predecessors. They have even added optional accessories that are revolutionary in the auto industry such as a solar powered moon roof that can cool the car on hot days, and also added the intelligent parking assistant, similar to the one we see on Lexus commercials.

Toyota has increased the production of hybrid vehicles which are environmental friendly so as to cater for the increase in oil prices in the company.

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But instead of viewing these circumstances as obstacles, Toyota uses them as opportunities to help the community get back on its feet. In the past year, Toyota has led four different relief efforts internationally. From providing relief efforts in Myanmar after the cyclone to supporting relief efforts in Sichuan province in China after the earthquake, Toyota does its best to alleviate the negative effects of some local conditions.

Due to political risks in some, Toyota announced at the end of October that it would be exporting U. The design criteria range from top speed, capacity and exterior appearance like color and shape.

There is a high speed, small, two-seat model cars for the relatively younger and single people who are adventurous to the big five-seat models for the family set up. Demographically, they also target situations on the smooth tarmac road as well as the rough and rugged off road terrain Thomas, The Company is believed to be moving with a strategy of mass production of which it has enabled it to sell widely in the global market.

It has also included the strategy of hybrid product, where it can double the amount of production for the arising needs in the market. When auto companies make changes and improvements, cost of production increases causing the selling price to go high.

Companies normally do not want to cut their targeted return and therefore the costs are passed on to the consumer to maintain their profit margin. Toyota takes on slightly different approach with sales-oriented objective.

Toyota firmly believes that its markets and consumers is what determine the selling price. The reputation of the Company has been developed by producing high quality vehicles that can be bought at a reasonable price.

Totota swot analysis and marketing plan

The Company has also been using tactful pricing strategies through price differentiation so that they are different from other automobile producers. Place Being a global producer and supplier of Toyota automobiles and their components, Toyota Company has positioned itself all over the world giving it a clear cut within the market.View the basic TM stock chart on Yahoo Finance.

Change the date range, chart type and compare Toyota Motor Corporation against other companies. Therefore, to fully understand the situation analysis of Toyota Company, a SWOT analysis is determined and it mainly consists of the Company’s strength, weaknesses, available opportunities, and finally the threats that Marketing Plan For Toyota Motor Company 4 the Company is experiencing or projected to go through.

Toyota’s SWOT analysis shows that the company can improve through further innovation and changes in its culture and structure. (Photo: Public Domain) Toyota Motor Corporation addresses the internal and external strategic factors in the business, as identified in this SWOT analysis.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado brand covers the brand analysis in terms of SWOT, stp and competition. Along with the above analysis, segmentation, target group and positioning; the tagline, slogan & USP are covered.

TM : Summary for Toyota Motor Corporation - Yahoo Finance