The negative effects of an abusive relationship

Battered women suffer physical and mental problems as a result of domestic violence.

The negative effects of an abusive relationship

She also obtained a Bachelor of Arts in general psychology and criminal justice from Georgia State University.

Moore worked for two years with at-risk teenagers in a therapeutic setting. A woman looking out the window at home. Abuse typically occurring in a partnership or marriage can be physical, psychological or sexual.

The effects of suffering any type of intimate partner violence can influence quality of life and general well-being for you, your partner and any other family members directly involved with the relationship. Understanding the potential consequences of abuse may help you acknowledge the importance of changing or leaving the situation.

Video of the Day Physical Damage Physical abuse can result in temporary pain, long-term injuries and even death. Bruises, broken bones and concussions are some common immediate results of physical aggression. Long-term exposure to abuse can also put you at risk for developing permanent health concerns and can result in death or disability.

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It is important to remember that even though the psychological and emotional consequences of abuse cannot be physically seen, they can be equally or more harmful to your well-being. Social Impairment Forced social isolation is a form of abuse characterized by keeping the victim away from friends or family members who could potentially help.

Even without this direct attempt to disconnect you from social contacts, abuse can interfere in other ways, as the physical and psychological consequences of abuse can make you feel unsure of yourself or awkward in social situations. Victims also commonly experience embarrassment or guilt about their situation, which can deter them from interacting with others or seeking help, according to Vera E.

Harm to Children Witnessing violence can increase the chances that your child may display behavioral, social, emotional or cognitive problems.

Exposure to abuse can also result in your child believing abuse and violence are acceptable responses to conflict, says Judith McFarland and colleagues in an article published in the "Journal of Pediatrics.Positive Outcomes of Divorce: A Multi-Method Study on the Effects of Parental Divorce on Children ABSTRACT: Previous literature on parental divorce focuses on the negative effects it has on children and young adults in terms of relationships (romantic and familial) and academic standing.

relationship with their spouse and future. The Hidden Consequences Of Domestic Violence Linger For Decades more comfortable sharing their own personal stories of abusive relationships.

to address the long-term effects of abuse. College Athletes With Abusive Coaches More Willing to Cheat. “Our study found several negative effects related to abusive coaches, including a willingness by players to cheat to win games.” “The Relationship Between Ethical and Abusive Coaching Behaviors and Student-Athlete Well-Being,” Mariya A.

The negative effects of an abusive relationship

Yukhymenko. Negative effects of insecure attachment. There are numerous ways in which an insecure attachment in infancy can negatively impacts an individual over the course of their lifetime.

down” effects of abusive supervision. These models illustrate that factors specific to the organization (e.g., Mawritz, Mayer, Hoobler, Wayne, & Marinova, ; Restubog, Scott, & Supervisors’ negative affect mediates the relationship between supervisors’ interactional justice perceptions and abusive .

the relationship the victim/survivor had (or has) with the perpetrator: for example, in child sexual abuse increased negative affects tend to be associated with the perpetrator being a father, father-figure or someone with whom the child has an intense, emotional relationship;.

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