Ted steinbergs american green essay

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Ted steinbergs american green essay

The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn, Case Western Reserve University historian Ted Steinberg unlocks the mystery of the all-American landscape and winds up mowing down the turf industry along the way.

About 75, Americans are injured each year using lawn mowers while tending some 58 million home lawns, 16, golf courses andathletic fields in the United States.

Collectively, American lawns equal a landmass the size of Florida.

Ted steinbergs american green essay

While some Americans are off cutting their lawns into checkerboard perfection, Steinberg is more interested in pointing out the environmental impact of all this mowing.

Using a power lawn mower for an hour spews as much polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons into the air as driving a car 93 miles.

The quest for lawn perfection, and its negative impact on the environment and public health, Steinberg explains, was in no way inevitable.

Instead, it was the product of a number of factors, not least being the actions of the lawn-care industry. Some of those companies are masters of marketing, convincing Americans that they need the perfect, manicured lawn, while simultaneously making it impossible to attain.

For instance, Kentucky bluegrass is planted across the United States even in the arid American West, but is native to the cold fringe areas of northern Europe.

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A confluence of social changes was at work in the postwar United States. The lawn not only became a symbol of class, but a sign also of family values, diligence and even Cold-War, anti-communist sentiments.

In the end, Steinberg hopes that by exposing the origins and consequences of the perfect lawn, Americans will be able to adopt more realistic expectations about how their yards should look. Its overall message harks back to common wisdom, "Moderation in all things.

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TED (THEODORE) STEINBERG DAVEE PROFESSOR OF HISTORY PROFESSOR OF LAW Case Western Reserve University American Green: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn (New York: W.

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