Research papers on arachnophobia

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Research papers on arachnophobia

I am terrified of spiders. This is as close as I could come to putting a photo of a spider on my blog.


This is how I remember it all beginning: Something caught my attention behind me, so I turned and looked around, finding nothing of real interest.

Or maybe the teddy bear was more interesting than whatever noise I heard behind me; who knows? I turned back around to my teddy, expecting to see nothing but its furry, cute face staring calmly back at me, only to find that a spider had descended from the ceiling on an invisible thread of web and was now hanging mere inches in front of my face, twirling slowly and maliciously, as it continued its slow descent to my lap.

Needless to say, the tears came fast and furious.

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I was petrified of spiders. I may have been able to curb the impulse to shriek, but the impulse to flee is practically unavoidable. That being said, my intense fear of being remotely close to a spider keeps me from being able to do the deed, so I tend to enlist the bravery of those around me.

I have no shame, NONE, in admitting that I still make my parents kill spiders I find Research papers on arachnophobia home when I visit, or that I have made my roommate, Dutcome into my room and dispose of eight-legged beasties late at night on multiple occasions, especially when we lived in our old basement apartment that was plagued by every creepy-crawly you can think of.

However, masochism plays an important role here, too: I need to SEE the spider meet its end to truly feel at peace.

My fear is a complex beast, not unlike those octo-marauders that lurk in dark corners, suspended on invisible threads of gossamer, waiting for some unlucky pest to fall into their trap.

I want to watch a trusted friend or family member crush the offending arachnid firmly between his or her fingers, knowing that the fragile body of the web-spinner has been mutilated beyond repair. It is almost an impossibility for me to reenter that room and not be constantly thinking about the lost spider or imagining that I feel its imminent arrival on my flesh.

Trying to explain to you exactly why a tiny, usually-harmless creature who is likely leagues more terrified of me than I am of it strikes such a fear into my heart of hearts is far beyond my communicative capabilities.

I know that a good portion of it can be chalked up to my overactive imagination, but beyond that, I can only tell you that I find everything about spiders, from their too-many eyes and their scrawny, pointed legs to their jerky, halting movement and seeming ubiquity horrific.

Before you call me crazy, let me leave you with this excerpt from an article on LiveScience. It tries to bite the pad of your finger as a fearful reaction impulse, but the callused skin keeps its tiny mandibles from penetrating your flesh, so it moves up your hand, dragging its fangs along your skin, trying in vain to break the surface.

Its tiny, mute frustration only deepens and intensifies as it progresses. Clacking its tiny fangs in triumph, it sinks its teeth into you, shooting a tiny amount of venom into your body along with a dose of simmering rage and panicked fear.

Unknown to you, the spider continues up your arm, perplexed by your seeming ignorance of its presence. It continues biting you—just an occasional nip to help its cause—as it slips onto your torso, unseen, unheard, un-felt. You think you may have experienced a tiny jolt of pain and a faint itching sensation, but you chalk it up to an overactive imagination and continue about your day:Arachnophobia research paper Arachnophobia research paper ehtram e ahmiyat essay.

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Research papers on arachnophobia

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Fear of Spiders Phobia – Arachnophobia.

Arachnophobia and Me | A Multitude of Drops

Hello! I was using your article on Arachnophobia in a research paper (APA style), and I was wondering if I could have the publication information and the references to the different statistics so I would be able to cite them! Thank You! Types of Phobias Types of phobias research papers discuss the powerful and devastating human emotion of fear caused by phobias.

Fear can be one of the most powerful and devastating human benjaminpohle.coms are describes as irrational fears that can be quite crippling for the individual.

arachnophobia essays Arachnophobia for years has plagued different people. It doesn. Toggle navigation Phobias; Childhood; Spider Bite @Example Essays. arachnophobia 2 Pages. Words Arachnophobia for years has plagued different people. It doesn't happen All papers are for research and reference purposes only!.

In this paper I will be talking about a specific phobia called arachnophobia and how it affects my cousin whom is suffering from this phobia. Before I can begin this paper, I must explain arachnophobia.

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