Public and private sector collaborations essay

Both politically and economically, we seem to have lost our bearings.

Public and private sector collaborations essay

This essay has definition of key concepts pertaining to the essay; the essay also entails reason why do governments focus on alternative service delivery ASDessay also consist of alternative service delivery mechanisms which government uses to deliver public services and benefits as well disadvantages of these mechanism are mentioned in detail within the essay as well as the procedures followed when it comes to application or utilization of these alternative service delivery mechanism by government.

Lastly the essay consists of a conclusion which sums up all that has been discussed within the essay. Hence governments are partaking in exercises that are aimed at reconsidering the fundamental principles and practices with intentions of improving service delivery.

Alternative service delivery ASD is one way that will enable governments to attain its desires of restructuring and providing economical, efficient and effective services to its citizens Auriacombe and Van der Waldt In addition, In South Africa critical services are outsourced by municipalities propelled by national government.

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The need to develop ASD strategies meets the significant infrastructure and service backlogs and lack of capacity at the municipality level resulted in this drive Van Denk, Swilling, Pieterse and Parnell Auriacombe and Van der Waldt More over the alternative service delivery approach or strategy creates infinite solutions in regards to service delivery issues, enabling governments to focus on doing government business and other activities it does best, this will allow other sectors to perform and provide other functions and deeds Auriacombe and Van der Waldt Hence in certain instances particular activities or services are outsourced implying that they are performed by organizations from the private sector instead of government institutions Auriacombe and Van der Waldt For the purpose of this research some Alternative service delivery mechanisms are listed and discussed below.

Public Private Partnerships are formed on long term basis grounded by a contract of agreement between the two sectors Public and Private sector.

This alternative service delivery mechanism is aimed at ensuring delivery of well-sustained, cost effective public services or infrastructure, via leveraging private sector capabilities and shifting the risk to the private sector.


Furthermore the private sector will only receive payment from the public sector after the task or project at hand is completed Zubane All these segments of legislation intend to ensure that public private partnerships are in line with the overall envisage of improving the quality of services as well as extending services to citizens who could not access Public and private sector collaborations essay services prior, and provision of these services will be at reasonable cost.

Most essentially, public private partnerships must create an opportunity whereby there is a transfer of skills, abilities from one sector to another i. Moreover such projects run for a long period, during this period the public sector recognises substantive savings from the interest accumulated from the project capital.

More over Public private partnerships entail an essential element i.

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For instance the BEE objectives are an important trait in the bidding stage, possibilities of skills being shifted from one sector to another sector counts in the bidders favour.

In addition the private sector entities can only benefit from National skills funds by producing or providing sufficient evidence that the entity does spend finance on skill development programs Zubane This implies that such partnerships are ways of meeting different needs and objectives by encouraging business growth while at the same time meeting service delivery needs of the community.

In addition outsourcing entails certain benefits such as allowing the government to focus on its focal business process and outsourcing its non-focal business process to private entities that specialize in that particular process field Du Toit, Jarbandhan and Auriacombe In addition outsourcing commonly refers to an agreement made by two parties, whereby one party executes a function on behalf of another party for that agreed period, outsourcing also entails an ample amount of risk shifted to another party Auricombe and Van der Waldt Auricombe and Van der Waldt In addition outsourcing a function or service government or the public sector invites the private sector to come and bid for the opportunity by means of sending in proposals entailing what particular benefit they possess in regards of delivering that particular service on behalf of the public institute for instance the reading of water and electricity meters Auriacombe and Van der Waldt However outsourcing entails its own disadvantages for instance it creates turmoil of corruption, also can result to too petite accountability, over regulations and inevitably weakening the public service ethic Toit, Jarbandhan Du and Auriacombe Regardless of these disadvantages In South Africa there is a need to outsource particular services from alternative service providers; hence it is advised to government institutes that before concluding on the outsourcing of particular service delivery government or public institutions must consider aspects such as the integrity and record of the private entity, the contract as well as methods practiced to prevent corruption Toit, Jarbandhan Du and Auriacombe More over when it comes to South Africa outsourcing contracts or agreements take several forms and are structured differently and last for different periods for instance service contracts, such contracts are valid for a short period of time i.

In addition Zubane In essence the difference between the service contract and the management contract is based on basis of the level of responsibility shifted to the service provider Zubane However in regards to an agreement or contract among the government and a private entity it is vital that agreements or contracts entail performance standards, breach of contracts, procurement responsibilities, departmental control as well as dates of delivery and penalty clause if contract bridged Auriacombe and Van der Waldt Privatisation is defined as a logical shift of apt activities, functions or shift of property from the government to private individuals, In Privatisation service production as well as consumption is well regulated by the price mechanism as well as the market with intentions of reducing market imperfections as well as increase competitive market forces.

Public and private sector collaborations essay

In addition Privatisation must not be mixed up with P3s, since in P3s the government stays accountable for delivery of public service and the is no shift of ownership where by in Privatisation accountability shifts across to the private sector public sector retains some regulatory price control Privatisation is both political and economical in nature but it is important to say that in South Africa privatisation is a highly politicized matter Zubane According to Auriacombe and Van der Waldt Usually the public sector pulls out from management of the entity on privatisation implying that all risks are endured by the private sector.

Furthermore in practice, privatisations of public entities especially monopolies commonly take place within a regulated environment which will enforce an in depth service and investment requirement, such as keeping prices low so that underprivileged consumers are able to attain particular good or service and as well as offer scheduled implementation of programs to rural areas, Intentions of such an environment are to inevitable evade controversial situations whereby privatised entities are offering services or goods at exorbitant prices and are unable or unwilling to spread services over underprivileged areas Auriacombe and Van der Waldt In addition Auriacombe and Van der Waldt In addition the essay did expose the relationship between the public sector and private sector which is formed on basis of agreements in delivery of services.

Public Management and Governance 2A. Journal of Public Administration. University of Free State.

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Van der Waldt G. Public Management and Governance 1A. Consolidating Developmental Local Government: Lessons from the South African Experience. Administration Publica, 22 2.from the public, nonprofit and private sectors.

Existing structural and institutional barriers, different possible types of cross-sector collaborations, and the key cycles for building a • The essay should summarize and further explore the identified student’s developmental.

Your answer Jan 12, in Research Synthesis Paper There are various themes found in the readings. These themes play a fundamental role in the management of both the private and public sector.

Abstract. Governments around the world are attempting to improve public services through the use of advanced information technology. Increasingly these efforts rely on cross-boundary collaboration among government agencies, the private sector, and non-profit organizations.

As a private school leader and a public school parent, I am concerned about the assumptions that often govern such partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and leaders in the public and. The public rational theory is one of the major theories which are being applied in the public private partnerships.

The theory is founded on the assumptions that self interest overrides the human behavior.

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Increasingly, public problem solving and public service provision take place through mixed public-private arrangements including contracting with for-profit and nonprofit organizations, formal public-private partnerships, and informal collaborations among entities across sectors. A private school is autonomous and generates its own funding through various sources like student tuition, private grants and endowments.

A public school is government funded and all students attend free of cost.. Because of funding from several sources, private schools may teach above and beyond the standard curriculum, may cater to a specific kind of students (gifted, special needs, specific.

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