Production assistant cover letter no experience

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Production assistant cover letter no experience

Mistake 1 - Inconsistent contact information. If you have read at my websiteyou already know to format your letterhead with your name, your position eg: Production Assistant and your phone number in a large, clear font.

Use this for all your docs in case the pages get separated. Make it easy for people to call you. Put your phone number again after your name when you sign off on the bottom of your letter.

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Even if the names are in the published listing, call to confirm the name and spelling, making sure you find out who you are talking to at the production office.

Also, make sure to say your full name whenever you call anyone. Hopefully, this will create a vague sense of familiarity when they read your letter or fax.

Production companies often have more than one project in process at once.

Production Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Mistake 3 - Leaving off the most important thing - your referrer. The first paragraph of your letter should include who referred you to the production, or where you happened to meet the addressee, or when you worked together on a project before.

People will always hire the person someone knows ahead of a complete stranger. If you are applying for an advertised position, such as the ones here on ProHUB, naturally you will refer to the listing in your first paragraph - but if you happen to know someone in the company or already hired on the show, you should still reference that name there too.

Listed jobs notwithstanding, the vast majority of your new jobs will come from being recommended or referred by someone else. Hence my mantra - Network, Network, Network. What if you have no referrer? Then you can at least say that person suggested you forward it.

You must remember that a cover letter isa sales letter. You have to describe the features your past experience and benefits your resultant skills to the buyer the producer. This is especially important for new production workers who need to translate their non-show biz work experience into relevant skills.

For example you should explain how you were successful at your last job in computerized billing because you are able to focus on details, learn quickly and prioritize. Remember also that the benefits are FOR the buyer. Mistake 5 - Grandiose statements. Instead, show how you can help the producers meet their goal, which is to hire someone that will do a good, uncomplicated job at whatever multiplicity of tasks they are assigned.

Keep conversations about your long-term career goals for networking at the wrap party, or if you happen to be asked about your passions in your interview - and then keep it brief. It will only confuse the reader about what position you are seeking.

Remember what the marketers tell us: Just because you edited your own thesis short does not make you qualified to be an Assistant Editor on even a ten million dollar low budget pic.

But you could be a great Post Production Runner! Sometimes the way people express their ambitions can come out sounding like they have contempt for their current entry-level position. Everyone at every level is essential to the smooth running of a movie or tv production.

Mistake 6 - Gushing about how you want to learn from them. A seeking attitude is good. I suppose people believe they are flattering their boss when they say they want to learn from them. And it IS important to be able to learn quickly. But movie sets are not primarily teaching situations.

You can mention how swiftly you were promoted, or explain that you were a novice when you started but quickly became an expert at some skill.LisaLee March 3, at am. It’s ridiculously cheesy, but one of the best pieces of advice I got about cover letters was to look at the specific skills phrasing in the job description and work it into your cover letter (organically of course).

Production assistant cover letter no experience

Write a big cover letter even with little experience! Here are some tips for writing a cover letter when you have little or no experience: First Paragraph: Clearly introduce yourself. As an office assistant in Purdue’s Office of Student Life, I was responsible for planning and promoting campus movie nights for students.

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