Pinnacle machine tool co

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Pinnacle machine tool co

Nov 21 7: In they began advertising inexpensive home-shop machines in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Within a few months they were using the name Marcus-Pollak on some of their machines.

Not so; trademark filings make clear that AMT was the originator of that name. In the early s Samuel Marcus was Vice President so an old relative, perhaps his father, was presumably the "Marcus" in "Marcus-Pollak".

Advertisement from the November Popular Science In early AMT started using the trademark Plana Centric to refer to their patented blade tilting mechanism in their tablesaws.

At the same time they started using the name Yolands Precision Tool Co. We don't know the nature of the relationship between Yolands and AMT but we have not found a single mention of Yolands except as a name in ads for AMT machines. Within of few months of introducing the Plana Centric and Yolands names, the Marcus-Pollak name was dropped.

Another trademark we have seen on a few AMT machines is Amco. These AMT-made Sears machines have the model-number prefix of AMT continued to manufacture home-shop into the s but they also began importing machines from Taiwan and China. Please note that these Asian-made machines are outside the scope of this website and pictures and manuals of those machines should not be uploaded here.

For some time, AMT has specialized in the design and manufacture of pumps. AMT no longer has any information on their old woodworking machinery products, and does not provide support for them.

Some of these machines may have been for metalworking only. The mark was issued onregistration numberThe ad does not mention AMT.

The saw is similar to, but not identical, to the saw from the February ad. This is the latest Yolands ad we have found.

Trademark registration numberis for the letters "AMT" in an oval circle. The registration was issued on ; first use was Trademark registration numberis for the AMT logo in an ovoid box. First use was on It was registered on and renewed in Our purpose is to provide information about vintage machinery that is generally difficult to locate.

Catalogs, manuals and any other literature that is available on this site is made available for a historical record only.

Please remember that safety standards have changed over the years and information in old manuals as well as the old machines themselves may not meet modern standards. It is up to the individual user to use good judgment and to safely operate old machinery.Distribution and CNC machinery solutions, with the best Brands.

These are the main brands we represent. Sodick EDM Machines.

NovaTool Inc. Servicing the metal working, tool, die and stamping industries for over 25 years!

ElectrĂ³nica Machine Tools. Hermle Machine Company LLC. Pinnacle Machine Tool Co., Ltd. we can proudly offer our clients the direct and immediate technical support they require to maximize their machine. WIDE PRODUCT RANGE.

Pinnacle Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in With excellent experience in Technology, Quality & Service ; we are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of machining centers such as 5-axis, double column, vertical, and horizontal.

Pinnacle Machine and Tool, LLC is a precision CNC milling and turning machine shop. Our employees are Pennsylvania State approved Journeymen and have 37 years experience in machining, design, and quality control and have primarily served the Defense and Transportation (Motorcycle) industries.

Pinnacle Machine Tools

Pinnacle Engineering Machine Shop and Tool Repair is one of a number of businesses situated in Manchester, Michigan. Manchester Machine Co. Industrial and Heavy Equipment Repair. Chelsea Manchester Rd.

Pinnacle machine tool co

Manchester MI mi. Wolverine Biological Center. M Pinnacle Tooling are delighted to announce that we have purchased a new Open Laser Welding System, which means we now have no restriction on size and can weld as small as mm on a needle or a small intricate component, up to a 5 tonne tool.

4-axis indexed milling Maximum cutting area 40" x 20" x 20" Minimum station tool changer on each machine. Repair. Northwest Machine Works, Inc. has been serving the mining and oil & natural gas industries for over 67 years! High quality work at a fair price is one of our guiding principles.

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