Online markerting the benefits and perils

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Online markerting the benefits and perils

What are the pros and cons for lawyers in joining forces with online legal-service providers? When the Trump Administration published its executive orders regarding immigrants and refugees in January, attorneys became first responders, fanning out to the nation's airports to triage the legal needs of those ensnared in the travel ban.

Shortly thereafter, the American Bar Association set up the website www. Enterprising attorneys built www.

Online markerting the benefits and perils

And Illinois Legal Aid Online built a tool to generate a habeas corpus petition for those being detained. Some in the Illinois legal community are skeptical they can deliver and raise ethical concerns.

But others see more benefits than drawbacks for both the immigrants who use them and attorneys who contract with them to take on limited scope cases.

Hertel emphasized that Road to Status is a technology company, not a law firm, although the architecture of the system was heavily influenced by co-founder Javad Khazaeli, an immigration attorney based in St.

Louis who spent 15 years in the Department of Homeland Security before entering private practice. If you're building services just for law firms, you're not serving the needs of the marketplace.

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He noted that the U. Illinois has the fifth largest immigrant population, with nearly one million non-citizens, and Chicago has the fourth-highest immigrant population of any city, he said.

While organizations like Illinois Legal Aid Online and Instituto del Progreso Latino in Chicago's heavily Mexican Pilsen neighborhood do their best, "These great organizations and others are barely able to touch the needs of the marketplace," he said. One option is to employ the platform as a sort of document assembly system for clients who haven't come to them through it.

Doing so can make the intake process more efficient. For example, a given immigrant might need four or five forms filled out on their behalf, and Road to Status' interface populates those forms with basic information like a person's name or birth date so that only needs to be entered once.

The goal of our software is [to enable attorneys to do] legal work, not administrative work. But attorneys can also sign up as Road to Status attorney partners. Doing so can help fill in the hours a small to midsized firm might otherwise be idle, Khazaeli says.

And you're able to do [these limited scope cases] much more efficiently, with lower overhead. Although the organization uses a team review, Khazaeli ultimately determines which applicants have the proper expertise - and complaint-free records.

The organization also asks what types of immigration law they're most comfortable with and attempts to assign cases accordingly.

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Attorneys are typically a better fit if they are comfortable with technology, since Road to Status is web-based, Khazaeli says. When somebody is using a Dell computer with Windowswe've got issues.

Some take a certain number per week, while others touch base and take on cases only when they have a slow period.


At the moment, Khazaeli plays matchmaker between attorneys and clients, but Road to Status ultimately intends to give attorneys more freedom to choose their clients and vice versa.

For now, either is able to ask for reassignment if an arrangement doesn't feel like a good fit, he says. From the client's perspective, online systems can provide immigrants with a sense of control over the process and help them avoid so-called "immigration specialists" who are not attorneys, Mosely says see sidebar for more about how Road to Status works from the consumer side.

But Mosely - who was not addressing the functionality of Road to Status specifically -says immigrants' sense of control could become exaggerated and undermine their prospects of success on a DIY websites.In , insurers using by-peril rating plans had loss ratios points lower than insurers not using by-peril rating ( percent vs.

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The human resource team is responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, applicant tracking, skills development and tracking, benefits administration and compliance with government regulations. With the different responsibilities of the HR department, there are many opportunity for ethical dilemmas.

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