Nvq2 sensory loss

These qualifications are based on national occupational standards, which are statements of performance that describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to be able to do. They cover all the main aspect of a specified occupation, including current best practice and are ideal for addressing skills gaps as well as identifying competence.

Nvq2 sensory loss

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. There are a number of factors that can impact individuals with sensory loss.

People with sensory loss can miss out on important information that people without sensory loss take in day to day without even realising.

Communication is an area in which people with sensory loss have many issues.

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They could also feel scared and alone. There can also be positive factors that could impact on individuals lives, increased help, aids for support and a good support team could give them a better outlook on life.

Nvq2 sensory loss

Identify steps that can be taken to overcome factors that have a negative impact on individuals with sensory loss. People with sensory loss need to find other ways in which they can obtain information. Braille and voice activated technology can help people with sight loss.

To assist the mobility of individuals with sensory loss, aids such as guide dogs, canes and carers are available and would make lives a lot easier. Explain how individuals with sensory loss can be disabled by attitudes and beliefs?

People in society can also be very prejudice and ignorant and think they are better than people with sensory loss, also thinking it gives them the right to make fun at them and making life difficult in the process. Identify steps that could be taken to overcome disabling attitudes and beliefs.

The beliefs that you hold are either empowering, or, dis-empowering. Brainstorming all the thoughts that you feel are holding you back from achieve your goals.

Set a Goal and prioritize what you want to archive first. Positive thinking and motivation is Key to overcome these attitudes and beliefs. Outline what needs to be considered when communicating individuals with Sight loss Make an effort to avoid nonverbal responses, such as nods or headshakes.

Remember that body language, like outstretched arms or facial expressions, may be un-seeable.

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Smiling when you talk is one exception to this rule; your relative may not see it, but it will come through when you speak. Special writing aids help visually impaired people write in straight lines, while Braille and large-print and audio-cassette books help them read and write.

Hearing loss Think about how you pitch your voice and how fast you talk. Lower and slower will make you easier to hear and understand. It also helps to sit facing someone with impaired hearing; seeing your lips will make your words more understandable.

Use body language and gestures to help get the point across.DOWNLOAD ANOTHER CHANCE TO BE REAL ATTACHMENT AND OBJECT RELATIONS TREATMENT OF BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORD another chance to be pdf Plot. A womanizing soap opera star John Ripley meets the beautiful Jackie.

ensory loss Acquired Sensory Loss This is when somebody is born without any sensory loss, but then has an accident or illness which causes a sensory loss. Illness Diabetes: The most serious complication of diabetes for the .

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Show how the communication style, abilities and needs of an individual with dementia can be used to develop their care plan Demonstrate how the individual’s preferred method/s of interacting can be used to reinforce their identity and uniqueness.

Unsupported communication needs can result in the individual being denied their rights. As a society, if we deny an individual their rights in life we are in effect abusing that individual.

Sensory impairment (for example, deafness, blindness or both) Culture (for example, speaking different languages or poor English) Hearing loss is an.

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