Joint family is happiness in disguised

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Joint family is happiness in disguised

Joint family is happiness in disguised

Meaning that anything that seems to be unfortunate, turns into an advantage. Known since the 18th Century, specific origin unknown however. Molecular motion of matter is a blessing in disguise?

The fact that the particles of matter are in continuous motion is a blessing in disguise. If matter particles did not move then if a harmful gas leaked, the vapours of the gas… would remain stationary in a place.

This would make that place more polluted and poisonous than its surroundings. Particle motion helps in allowing the gas to spread evenly over a large area and its poisonous effect gets very much diluted.

Also due to particle motion the smell of something reaches our nostrils even if we are not close to the source of the smell. The particles of the smell of the matter diffuses with the air particles and spreads over a large area.

Thus particle motion in matter is a blessing in disguise as its advantages are hardly not given much importance and remain unknown to most. But whether we know about it or not, motion of particles of matter play a vital role in our daily lives.

Particle motion is a blessing in disguise? Particle motion is a blessing in disguise. Particle motion is the source of so-called "Dark Energy".

This blessing may help to revise Physics Theory to Quaternion Theory, wher…e it is recognized that energy consists of scalar energy and vector energy making up Quaternion energy.

Particle motion is a blessing in that particle motion is clear evidence of vector energy, to all whose minds are open. Particle motion is said to be energy, but scalar kinetic energy, not vector energy. Particles motion is allowed to involve velocity and as such, particle motion has momentum P, which is a vector quantity.

It is a small step to get to vector energy from vector momentum, but a Great Leap for Science! This is Vector Energy and the elusive "Dark Energy"! Particle motion is a blessing in disguise because it reveals "Dark Energy" as Vector Energy and demonstrates the Quaternion Nature of Physics and the universe.

Sometimes, yes, if a child is good, but the parents are bad.

Joint family is happiness in disguised

Your car breaking down resulting in you Being late for work at the world trade centres on Sept 11th Share to: It means that something that seems bad on the surface may turn out to be good.

Losing a job may be a blessing in disguise if it leads you to get a better one.Buy 3rd Rock from the Sun: Read Movies & TV Reviews - Interesting Finds Updated Daily disguised as a human family - to experience and report about life on the third planet from the sun.

Starring: Dick gets a Fuzzy Buddy Jiggly Pig as a giveaway at a local burger joint. Nina, a serious Fuzzy Buddy collector, goes crazy. Life is not about the world, but it is all about you. How you think, feel, perceive, is what creates the world around you, and the world of you.

A happy childhood, is always a blessing in disguise, since that is one of the important, and key ingredient, in the development of a personality. The eldest male member is usually the head of the joint family.

His power and functions are like that of a trustee. He is entitled to take economic and social decisions on behalf of the family. Also read: Importance of Joint Family. Advantages of Joint Family. The advantages of . Nuclear Family Vs Joint Family Nuclear family or joint family I was lucky enough to see BOTH.

I come from a generation where I saw my parents, uncles and aunts living in a joint family Words; 2 Pages; Joint Family separately and they are not in favour of joint family system and therefore, the men should not compel them to maintain a joint family.

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Essay about happiness in family joint