Green construction dissertation

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Green construction dissertation

The way we build our houses and chose the materials for them can have a great influence on our future and the future of our planet. The role of green houses in modern building is crucial and the process of constructing them must obtain a strong governmental and financial support.

In general, a green home is a type of house made of environmentally friendly materials and designed to be sustainable, focusing on the efficient use of various resources: Unfortunately, there are no international standards on what is considered to be a green remodel.

Green construction dissertation

Most of the green houses are built to conserve energy or water, improve indoor air quality and produce less waste in the process of their exploitation.

The green building movement had actually started in the s, after the raw materials and oil prices began to rise sharply.

The situation required new progressive measures and building concepts. That is why the green building concept has become so popular and widespread.

Nowadays there are different types of certification systems that declare a house to be sustainable and green. The US Green Building Council is a typical example of an organization that gives out green home certificates. The factors that it considers in its certification system include the site location, use of energy and water, recycling, use of renewable energy and protection of natural resources.

But these are only a few factors which determine the main features of a green house. In and the European citizens were offered a new type of green homes with completely different features.

These houses not only saved energy and resources, but also created an isolated system of water, air and energy supply, where, for example, the water taken once from the springs is used many times and runs through a specific purification system.

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Moreover, these new green houses are to replace old buildings in the poorest and worst developed city districts. Spain and Italy have already built about 10 new green homes and their governments are interested in extending the program and constructing up to modern eco houses.The Importance of Sustainable Business Practices in the Viennese Accommodation Industry Submitted by to the University of Exeter as a thesis for the degree of Master of Sciences September This dissertation is an original piece of work, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the This study investigates the importance of.

A selection of papers published by the ICRC. investigation of soil amendments for use in golf course putting green construction by travis shaddox a dissertation presented to the graduate school. The Differences between Sustainable and Green Building Construction Green building construction refers to an environmentally friendly style or design of building.

These are the means of construction that tend to hinder or largely reduce the effect it may possess on the environment.

Green construction dissertation

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