Go big or go home

I listened to it this week because I'm waiting for a long audiobook to come in so I can't start a full-on story right now. I prefer listening to stories over music when I'm doing my job less of a chance I'll burst into song in the middle of a quiet room.

Go big or go home

Their case is simple: They argue President Obama and Congress should grow the current plan by 33 percent - if not more - if they really want to turn things around. No word yet if he will accept.

It has to work. Spending even more money is not a popular sentiment in a capital city knee deep in debt.

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Still, many Democrats privately tell us they are virtually certain to ask for more cash soon for banks, auto-makers or some other sector pleading for a bailout. One top Obama adviser said the banking crisis in particular is much worse than publicly known and will likely require a more robust response — after the stimulus is passed.

In an earlier piece, Politico examined the views of the Do-Nothing Crowd, which argues that Congress should reject the stimulus package altogether, since it passes massive amounts of debt onto future generations, with — they argue — dubious prospects for success.

The Go-Big Crowd is motivated, in part, by mounting evidence of devastating job losses across virtually every sector of the economy. Their fears were amplified on Monday, when companies from across the economic landscape, including Caterpillar, Pfizer and General Motors, announced as many as 65, job cuts on the same day.

Worse, some economists think the U. Either the stimulus package should be bigger, they say, or Washington should be prepared to spend even more money in the months to come. Unemployment, they argue, could top 10 percent if the government doesn't step in aggressively.

And if the situation cascades out of control — which they fear it could — we could face unemployment levels not seen since the figure reached a horrific 25 percent during the Great Depression.

In that crisis, total government spending as a percentage of the economy was just below 20 percent. Today, that figure is already above 35 percent, and may go higher still with the stimulus effort. Some economists argue that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was never fully able to truly turn the Depression-era economy around until the advent of massive government spending during World War II.

That's why they say more spending is needed now. But the economy is sinking at the rate of five to six percent.

So they may find out they have to come back and ask for more. Kuttner argues that even worse than government debt is an economy in which housing is unaffordable, jobs are scarce and college is a receding dream for many Americans.

His publication is sponsoring the Feb. Kuttner says that more than people have already registered for the gathering at the Capitol Hilton, and that it is designed to offer a political and intellectual counterweight to those who are arguing that the stimulus effort has already gone too far.

The spend-more philosophy already has at least one important ally on Capitol Hill: There are plenty of ideas: Economist Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, proposes an idea certain to make many conservatives boil - pay employers to shorten the work week.

Employees would cut back their hours by ten percent, government would pick up the additional cost of that burden, and employers would have room in their payrolls to hire new workers, or hold off on scheduled layoffs.go big or go home unknown an expression the speaker says to the listener to encourage the listener to be extravagant, to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest - and not flake out.

Go big or go home

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