Essay on discipline students

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Essay on discipline students

There is a wave of unrest among the students of today. Not a single day passes without the news of a strike in some college or some university. In disciplined behavior on the part of the students has become a matter of everyday occurrence. On frivolous pretexts, the student choose to go on rampage.

They do not hesitate from burning national property, insulting and attacking their teachers, stoning buses and creating chaos and disorder. Sometimes it is a question of the cinema tickets that makes them go violent; at still another time it is the issue of increased bus fares or fees that makes them go on a rampage.

Everyday there is a new pretext. They are never in a mood to take to their books seriously and attend the classes in a disciplined manner. Now, this is a very sad state of affairs.

Students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The problem of student unrest cannot, therefore, be dismissed as something unimportant. The nation cannot be allowed to go to dogs.

Those in authority must go into the causes of unrest and see if some corrective steps can be taken to save the situation. The most important reason of this unrest is the spirit of the age.

It is an age of science and intellect. He wants to know how and why things happens as they do. He is not prepared to accept the established moral values or faiths. He has lost his spiritual moorings and wants to find a new cult to sustain himself.

Essay on discipline students

If is a rootless generation cut off from the past, facing an uncertain future. Students are a part of this generation. They are full of doubts and questions.

Students are a witness to the hypocrisy of their elders. They notice a sharp contrast in what they preach and what they practice. It is, therefore, natural for them to get frustrated.

Another important cause of student unrest is the interference of political parties in the educational institutions. Almost all the political parties have set up their front organizations in universities and colleges. Students fall an easy prey to the viles of these unscrupulous politicians and take to the streets without much rhyme or reason.

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The Importance of Discipline in a Student’s Life Before we understand the importance of discipline, we must first have a clear view in our minds of the concept of discipline.

Sometimes, especially in the modern education system, not asking questions is considered being under a strict discipline.

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