Cynical classification of sexual partners essay

Family Research Council Section 3 Your second claim should use research, facts and reputable sources to prove your point and encourage people to see things your way. Second Claim Starting Sentence Option 1:

Cynical classification of sexual partners essay

Classification Essay - Exercise Partners - Classification of Exercise Partners Every woman's magazine I've ever read gives its readers advice on exercising, and one of the most common tips I've seen is to find a partner to exercise with. In my experience, however, having an exercise partner is not a good idea. Age and sex: Masters and Johnson also found that with adequate physical health, there is no age at which the ability to have sex disappears. Treatment of sexual dysfunction: Their research lead to a new outlook on the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Read this essay on Sexual Identity. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at".

Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs are diseases or infections transmitted to healthy males or females due to sexual intercourse with infected persons.

The sexually transmitted diseases are otherwise known as veneral diseases VD or reproductive tract infections RTI. Infections like hepatitis-B and HIV are not only transmitted sexually but also by sharing of injection needles with infected persons, blood transfusion or from infected mother to foetus.

Early symptoms of STDs are itching, fluid discharge, and slight pain swellings in genital regions. Infected females usually do not show any symptoms for a long time and therefore remain undetected. This can lead to severe complications later which include pelvic inflammatory disease PIDabortions, still births, ectopic pregnancies, infertility or even cancer of the reproductive tract.

Under the reproductive health care programmes, prevention, early detection and cure of STDs are given priority. Though all persons are vulnerable to these infections, their incidences are reported to be very high among persons in the age group of 15 to 24 years.

STDs can be prevented by taking following precautions: Sex should be avoided with unknown partners or multiple partners. During sexual intercourse, condoms should be used. In case of doubt, one should go to a qualified doctor for early detection and proper treatment.

The following three types are common: The causative pathogen is Treponema pallidium. The first stage of the disease has symptoms like infections and painless ulcers on the genitals, swelling of lymph glands.

In the second stage there are skin lesions, rashes, hair loss, swollen joints etc.

Cynical classification of sexual partners essay

In the later stage, chronic ulcers appear on palate, nose or lower leg. There can be paralysis, brain damage, blindness, heart trouble etc. The incubation period is 10 to 90 days. The disease is curable through appropriate antibiotics like penicillin and tetracyclin. The causative pathogen is Neisseria gonorrhoea.

The bacteria lives in genital tubes and produces pus containing discharge pain around genitalia and burning sensation during urination.

Incubation period is 2 to 5 days. It can be treated with appropriate antibiotics like penicillin and ampicillin. The causative bacterium is Haemophilus ducreyi. In this infection ulcer appears over the external genitalia which is painful and bleeding with swelling of nearby lymph nodes.

It can be treated with antibiotics. The symptoms of AIDS are continued fever, lethargy, weight loss, nausia, headache, rashes, pharyngitis etc. Due to loss of immunity, the body is unable to protect itself against any type of infection.

The incubation period is 6 months to 10 years.Essay Cynical Classification of Sexual Partners Words | 5 Pages.

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Cynical Classification of Sexual Partners When any thought of cynicism arises, it conjures an image of bitter thirty something divorcees, single alcoholic fathers, or disillusioned old maids. Nov 04,  · Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?

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Thirty years ago, nailing an Asian chick was a consolation prize for a . Cynical Classification of Sexual Partners When any thought of cynicism arises, it conjures an image of bitter thirty something divorcees, single alcoholic fathers, or . Sexual Intercourse Essay There are some problems sexual partners may face: one of them is the problem of getting sexual arousal.

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