Cisco erp

History[ edit ] — Origins and initial growth[ edit ] Cisco Systems was founded in December by Sandy Lernera director of computer facilities for the Stanford University Graduate School of Businessand her husband Leonard Bosackwho was in charge of the Stanford University computer science department's computers. In the early 's students and staff at Stanford, including Bosack used technology on the campus to link all of the school's computer systems to talk to one another, creating a box that functioned as a multiprotocol router called the "Blue Box. On July 11,Bosack and Lougheed were forced to resign from Stanford and the university contemplated filing criminal complaints against Cisco and its founders for the theft of its software, hardware designs and other intellectual properties.

Cisco erp

Strong impetus for change With the serious failures and limitations of the legacy system, there was a strong impetus for replacing the legacy system with the ERP product. Even though the ERP implementation would have a high cost to the company, management was able to see value in implementing the ERP product and was not looking at cost avoidance.

When I was working at Chemistdirect. The scope of the project grew too large and with the budget limitations, the project had to be abandoned after Cisco erp months.

It is important for the business to see strategic value in the ERP implementation and not just view it as a Cisco erp feature of IT. With thorough evaluation criteria defined up front, the project team was able to objectively evaluate and score five vendors of relevant application packages [7].

The choices were narrowed down to two vendors, and Oracle was selected after a three-day software demonstration. Having Oracle as the ERP vendor was a good strategic decision by Cisco as it gave Cisco a strong partner in the ERP project, since Oracle was equally motivated to make the project a success as it would be the first major implementation for the new release of Cisco erp Oracle ERP product.

ERP projects can quickly scale up to become overdue and over-budget if the project scope is not correctly outlined and if the requirements are not accurately defined. The decision to completely replace the legacy system instead of a phased implementation was also a good decision as it would create less confusion for the IT team for having to support the legacy system and they could focus on the ERP implementation.

The fact that the ERP project was completed on time and within budget suggests that the project team did a good job of preparing initial estimates and project management was able to avoid scope creeps and keep the project on track. Internet applications and benefits The success of the ERP implementation provided the groundwork for the next phase of Cisco IT architecture — web-enablement and incorporating internet and intranet applications.

Cisco developed several intranet and internet applications such as Employee self-service, supply chain management, customer self-service, e-commerce, communication and distance learning, EIS and DSS. Through its internal applications for employees, people deployed around the world were able to interact and address business issues and customer needs.

From my experience working in the e-commerce industry, being responsive to customers greatly improves customer satisfaction. It is not so much a problem with the orders or late delivery, but a lack of response that affects a returning customer.


Cisco automated and standardized the product test routines and deployed these at the suppliers, allowing quality issues to be detected at source. I think it was good move by Cisco to automate and outsource the testing, however it will need to be careful that the suppliers are not able to reverse engineer the autotest routines, otherwise Cisco can face the risk of its outsourced manufacturers becoming independent retailers and competitors for Cisco.

While working with Philips marketing team, I was part of the IT team that created a dashboard for the Philips global marketing executives, that enabled them to view the sales for any Philips product or category in any region in the world for any time period, which would help them in creating targeted marketing campaigns.

In such applications, it is important to restrict access based on authority. Cisco will also need to take measures to secure the web pages and restrict access to eligible employees. The IP based architecture also enabled Cisco to quickly and effectively integrate the acquired company through a documented and repeatable process for integration.

In terms of information strategy, TJX had the necessary IT systems in place to enable the business through networks that enable vendor relationship management and CRM systems that helped target profitable customers.

TJX also effectively implemented barcode scanners and kiosks to speed up business operations. However, its organizational strategy is not in-line with its business strategy of providing a secure foundation. There is a clear lack of ownership and authority in terms of IT network and systems security.

There are no business processes defined for monitoring and regular internal audits. There are no incentives or rewards for identifying or reporting security issues internally. Hence, the MOT triangle depicted below is uneven.

Recommendations To align the organizational strategy with the business strategy and information strategy, the management at TJX will need to seriously focus on establishing an IT governance, risk mitigation and management strategy.Cisco Enterprise Networks; Cisco SD-WAN: Nothing Scary Here This Halloween.

Enterprise Networks Nausheen Najib October 3, - 2 Comments. What if you could wake up on October 31st and easily dress up your traditional WAN infrastructure as a threat detecting, cost saving, remotely managed, software-defined WAN?

The network is open for. Cisco Security Enterprise Licensing Agreement Easily manage your security policies by consolidating to one agreement that includes both software and subscription licenses.

You can run it on top of your Cisco network infrastructure and streamline deployments across your organization. A Case Study of ERP Implementation Issues. Description: MGB Team 3 Cisco ERP implementation case Joann Suen Seema Sangari James Sun Sekhar Varanasi * * do they need a Big 6 as implementation partner?

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Cisco erp

Number of Views Cisco Systems,Inc: Implementing ERP Essay Sample. In , Cisco Systems, Inc. was on the verge of an internal breakdown. The company experienced exponential growth in response to businesses’ demand for Internet technologies and data systems. Cisco E-Learning for WITSHOOT v provides network professionals with the knowledge of troubleshooting and optimizing enterprise wireless infrastructure and related services plus the tools and methodologies needed to identify and resolve client connectivity, performance, and RF issues.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the p.

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