Build laiban dam

The case of Kaliwa Dam November 7,

Build laiban dam

The project dates back to the Marcos era. In Novemberafter the deferral of the Marikina River Project which likewise involved the construction of a dam for an additional water source, the Kaliwa River Basin was found to be a more viable site for the MWSS development project2.

Two diversion tunnels were constructed in then faced numerous postponements and renewals since then. Pagsangahan, General Nakar, Quezon and Brgy. The original proposal included the construction Build laiban dam a second dam called Laiban Dam, which would complement Kaliwa Dam in a much larger, integrated water supply scheme.

Currently, only the first phase of the project, that which involves Kaliwa Dam and its corresponding water supply tunnel, has been given the green light5.

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Three Chinese contractors and companies have been bidding for the project since March. Once the funding arrangement is settled, the proponents are keen to set the project in motion immediately.

Ecosystem Decay for Profit These development projects that privatize our basic services for profit present tantalizing promises of better resource allocation and security of livelihood but the brunt of its repercussions is shouldered by the indigenous peoples whose ancestral domains they routinely seize.

Build laiban dam

Along with these profit-driven schemes are the eventual displacement of residents due to a lack of relocation plan, the obliteration of the environment, the rapacious expenditure of natural resources, and the toll on its biodiversity.

The indigenous communities, such as the Aeta, Dumagat and Remontado tribes in Sierra Madre continue to oppose these projects. These forests are home to animal species, 67 of which are endemic to the Philippines such as the Philippine Brown Deer cervus marianus and 12 endemic to Luzon only such as the Luzon Bearded Wild Pigs sus philippensis.

It will alter and curb the natural river flow which will not only reduce its capacity to provide basic ecological services but also give way to the risk of malaria, among other water and insect-borne diseases.

Thousands of hectares currently used for mangrove fish sanctuary and farm irrigation in the towns of Quezon will be destroyed as well. Challenges to Save Millions of Lives Government agencies should refuse to be instruments to normalize the deliberate disregard for their needs and demands.

To resolve this, the water industry should be nationalized along with the implementation of a pro-people and pro-environment water agenda. In spite of the challenges local communities are facing, unfaltering clamour against this political and social climate seemingly geared to cripple IPs and natural resources for corporate interests takes the form of organizations such as TFIP and Protect Sierra Madre Network and Alliance.

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. Archived from the original PDF on Manila Bulletin, Madeline B. Miraflor, February 15,https:while Laiban dam will have billion liters per day by The estimated cost for the development of Laiban dam is P26 billion, while Kaliwa dam will be around P billion.

Velasco: Laiban dam, Kanan dam, Wawa dam – these are being reviewed.

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Build, Build project under the Duterte administration, that this is being constructed. Why did it take 3 Chinese businesses to fund the project? Why can’t it be our local businesses? Estrallado: Both Maynilad and MW committed to fund the concession fees.

The Kaliwa, Kanan and Laiban dams under the New Centennial Water Source Project (NCWS) are meant for the water and power supply needs of Metro Manila and to irrigate nearby farms. Yet water, power and irrigation remain expensive despite decades of building large dams, IBON said.

Build laiban dam

This is an article on the Protest of the Indigenous People of Quezon Province against the construction of a dam within the Sierra Madre Mountain area. • Laiban, with a supply capacity of 1, MLD is capable to meet the water supply deficit of 1, MLD by (present supply from Angat Dam is 4, MLD as against the projected demand by of 5, MLD) and this Project is part of the road map for new water sources approved by the MWSS Board of Trustees in The solution of the government is to build dams.

These would be: Laiban Dam and Kaliwa-Kanan Dams in Gen. Nakar, Quezon Province. However, a dam takes 5 to 6 years to complete.

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