An analysis of serial killers

Can you guess which one? There are numerous definitions for the term, but generally a serial killer is described as someone who has killed three or more individuals and the murders took place on separate occasions, meaning there is cooling off period between each of the killings. That brings us back to our question:

An analysis of serial killers

Abundance of punctuation marks or lack of them Slow writing Peculiarities and exaggeration Printed letters Between 3 April and 13 Februarythe East End of London became the staging place for a series of sickening murders that caused outrage through the entire nation.

Although the killer's identity has been wildly speculated upon, to this day the murderer is known only as Jack the Ripper? Jack the Ripper was not the first serial killer, and more than likely not the An analysis of serial killers that killed the most.

He was, however, the first to probably commit his crimes in a large city and receive the largest press cover.


The name "Jack the Ripper" appeared on many letters which were mailed to the police and to newspapers. Some of these letters where printed in the newspapers, with the hope of someone recognizing the handwriting, and at the same time vastly increasing the Ripper's fame.

The press was indeed partly responsible for creating many myths surrounding the Ripper. Millions of Dollars are still being spent in order to solve this mystery.

The Ripper was never caught and it is the mysterious effect surrounding this killer that both adds to the romance of the story as well as creating an intellectual challenge for many people who are investigating the case to this date.

Much of the evidence was lost over the years, but the letters were kept safely at the Public record house in Kew, where I had seen them During the Autumn of Terror around letters were sent to the police and local press purporting to be written by the Ripper.

The Schizoid Murderer

Many Ripperologists believe them all to be hoaxes. Other experts believe some of them, especially the Dear Boss letter, Saucy Jacky postcard, and From Hell letter are genuine. The problem is that they do not seem to be written by the same writer, therefore, there are 3 options: They were not written by the same person.

The person who wrote it suffered from multiple personality. There was more than 1 Ripper, the chances of that are slim to none. Many books have been written on the subject. Some concern individual suspects, whilst others are aimed more for the student and researcher, and contain most of the facts available, thus avoiding expensive and time-consuming research.

However, a serious historian would be directed to the primary Metropolitan Police MEPO sources listed above, as well as the Home Office files which are also available at the Record Office.

Let's first take a look at the handwritings of a few known serial killers. Gerald Eugene Stano Pudgy, short, and not what one would categorize as a looker. In his mind, he most definitely felt the opposite, referring to himself as a, "real Italian stallion".

In reality, he was a cold blooded psychopath. He confessed to 33 gruesome murders. The number has ascended to Twenty-two of the bodies were found and identified. Note the sharp, needle point like lines which cut through the lower part like a knife, as well as loops, complicating the shapes and creating strange looking letters, much like strange, unconventional behavior.

Albert De Salvo Violent and abusive home. At the age of 31 killed first several elderly women, then younger women. In he was stabbed to death in prison. Notice the extremely narrow letters and the long horizontal bars which are written with greater pressure than the rest.

Kevin Haley Two-man team with his brother, consisting rapes, sodomy, oral copulation, sexual assaults and kidnapping. In committed eight murders of elderly and young women over a five-year period. An example of a strange and deformed handwriting. The writer invents his own original letters with complete disregard of the norm.

William Heirens The only child of affluent parents, heard from his mother that "all sex is dirty".

An analysis of serial killers

During his adolescence used to dress up in women's garments while looking at photos of Hitler and the Nazis. At 16 he started killing, 3 women, one 6 years old. This is yet another example of a frozen, deformed, compulsively separated and tense handwriting.

There are some originally invented letters as well.A Critical Analysis of Healthcare Serial Killers Words 6 Pages Serial murder, which is defined as “the unlawful killing of two or more victims, by the same offenders, in separate events”(Lubaszka & Shon, , p.

1), is a term that American society has become quite familiar with. Serial killers come from different backgrounds, attain different levels of education, and hold various types of jobs.

However, many serial killers do have at least one thing in common: the desire to communicate regarding their crimes.

An analysis of serial killers

The serial killer is simply motivated to kill, as you or I need water, the serial killer NEEDS to kill" (Serial Killers, Online, ). The prevalence of serial murder past, present and future can only be estimated.5/5(8). When I wrote Butterfly Skin (Titan Books, $), a violent novel about a serial killer, his crimes and his love, readers and journalists asked me about my favorite serial-killer books.

Really. A new report from The New Yorker estimates that 2, serial killers are currently at large in the United States. According to archivist and researcher Thomas Hargrove, tracking the habits and. When family members are the victims of female serial killers, ___ are the primary targets Domestic homocide We run a greater risk of being a victim of ____ ____ and an even greater risk of being a victim of other violent crimes than we do of dying at the hands of a serial killer.

Serial Killers: Nature vs. Nurture