Adversities of women in india

Latin America and Caribbean Program Women and the Right of Access to Information Access to information is a fundamental right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and critical for the exercise of basic socio-economic and political rights. More than 90 countries around the world claim a statutory right to information, yet in many of these countries, one-half of the population is limited in their full enjoyment of the right to information and the myriad benefits that it may provide.

Adversities of women in india

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Before she married and took on the Benz surname though, she was already Karl Benz's business partner - in fact using part of her marriage dowry to invest in Karl Benz's then failing iron construction company.

However, even though it was Bertha's money that had financed the horseless carriage, she was not allowed to hold the patents for the same as during the time, married women were not allowed to apply for a patent!

Adversities of women in india

The Benz Patentwagen - this one however is a replica made in India The Benz Patentwagen continued to improve since its launch in with first the Model II which was a four wheeled vehicle for test purposes and then the Model III which was the actual car that sold in decent numbers - especially for the time.

The Model III featured a three wheel design with powered rear wheels and a steerable front wheel. And it is with this vehicle that Bertha Benz created history in August ! Benz got onto her husbands Patentwagen and decided to embark on what we now know as the first ever long distance journey that was undertaken by an automobile!

Without telling her husband and without informing the authorities which at the time was a mustBertha drove from Mannheim to Pforzheim a distance of kms. Before this, the only trips undertaken by the Patentwagen were short trial drives made with support staff and returning to the start point.

Bertha's drive however started at point A and ended at Point B making it record setting! And illustration of Bertha Benz refuelling the Benz Patentwagen While it is claimed that Bertha Benz took on this trip to go and meet her mother, in reality, she undertook it to show to the public that her husband's invention, which she had invested herself into, would actually work.

Bertha Benz did of course face considerable adversities over the course of her trip. The Patentwagen for example had a very small fuel tank which had to be filled with petrol or benzene.

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And since petrol stations hadn't been invented yet, she had to go to a chemist to buy a liquid called Ligorin. The pharmacy in question was in a town called Wiesloch and is attributed to be the first ever fuel station in the world!

The Benz Patentwagen Bench Seat Bertha also had issues with the car's cooling system, which constantly needed water to be refilled. Other issues included the fuel line that kept getting blocked which she mended with her hat pin and a broken chain which was mended by a local blacksmith.

And then there is the story of how the wooden brakes on the Patentwagen began to disintegrate prompting her to pull into a cobbler's shop and installing a set of leather ones - making the world's first ever brake pads! Her two sons that kept her company during the trip - Eugen and Richard had to also get off the car and help push it up steeper hilly slopes as it's two speed gearbox just wasn't enough.

Official Benz Patentwagen replica Made in India in the town of Coimbatore When she returned back to Mannheim a few days ago, she is said to have given a technical briefing to Karl Benz which prompted him to add features like the leather brake pads and an extra gear in order to climb hills. As they say, behind every successful man, there is a woman.

And that holds so very true in the case of Karl And Bertha Benz!India has voted against a UN General Assembly draft resolution on the use of death penalty, saying it goes against the statutory law of the country where an execution is carried out in the "rarest.

Status of women in society A project report Present scenario of the status of women in Indian society According to India’s constitution, women are legal citizens of the country and have equal rights with men (Indian Parliament).

From Aug. 18 to Sept. 2, the Asian Games saw athletes from all over the continent showcase their skills vying for the prestigious gold medal.

India’s rural healthcare systems face very unique challenges that differ greatly for urban challenges. Pragya Lodha takes a look at how policymakers and healthcare professionals can tackle these challenges, especially in the mental healthcare arena.

The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia.[4][5] From equal status with men in ancient times[6] through the low Words 24 Pages. Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, India: (Women's Boxing 51kg Flyweight) In a country of a billion+ people that struggles to produce world-class athletes, from little-known Manipur emerged "Magnificent Mary".

Mary was raised in abject poverty and s.

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