A description of making money as an experience of a commercial crabber

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A description of making money as an experience of a commercial crabber

When the weather is beautiful and the seas are calm, the work environment is priceless. In stormy weather, job conditions can be life-threatening.

The prime crabbing season lasts four months, but crabbers can work on other fishing fleets in the off-season. Job Description A crabber works in a dangerous environment. Hard-hitting rain, frigid temperatures and icy boat decks create treacherous working conditions.

The workday begins as early as 4 a. Trapping pots that contain bait are put in place and then pulled within 36 to 48 hours. Each pot may weigh as much as pounds, so teamwork is essential to accomplish this task. Pulling the pots is arduous and dangerous work, as swinging ropes and heavy pots dangle overhead.

A crabber must have versatile skills — problem solving, repairing equipment, removing ice from the boat deck, driving the boat and even cooking meals could be on the duty list.

Education Requirements To be eligible for a job as a crew member on a commercial crab-fishing boat, you need a commercial crab-fishing license.

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You also need specific gear like insulatedrubber boots, wrist covers, warm gloves and a sleeping bag. If you want to be the captain of a crab boat, you will need substantial experience as a deckhand and a captain. Industry Pay for crabbers hinges on the daily yield and market prices. Most crab-fishing operations offer crew members a percentage of what is caught.

Often, living expenses are paid during the fishing season. Years of Experience Securing a position as a crabber is competitive. Previous experience in the fishing industry will give you the edge in securing a job.

Greenhorns are generally not welcome, but seasoned crabbers who are licensed have the potential to secure a job as a Master Licensed Crabber. Job Growth Trend Available jobs for crabbers are expected to grow by 11 percent. Growth in positions hinges upon supply and demand.

The optimal time for crabbers is October through January.How to Become a Money Broker; Job Description of a Credit Manager; Job Description of Commercial Executive; Continue Reading in Job Descriptions.

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A description of making money as an experience of a commercial crabber

Once you gain the experience of a commercial crabber, you can earn as much as you want. All it takes is a little time and effort to learn the basic steps, and, of course, the love of the water.

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Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs – What to Expect Before packing your bags and hauling up north, it is best to learn as much as you can about the realities of the work environment and the job market as well.

Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs

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