A debate about the increasing use of drugs by sportsmen and sportswomen to increase performance

History of Drugs in Sport History of Drugs in Sport The use of drugs in sports with the aim of improving performance is a major problem for sports governing bodies.

Although steroid use may have been considered acceptable in the past, the idea today is that these drugs provide athletes with an advantage that is potentially unfair.

Despite the public perception of drug use for physical enhancements and tough league consequences in place, many athletes in sports today are still using steroids. They see it as a way to get a professional edge.

History of Drugs in Sport

Steroid Use in Sports Statistics 1. The percentage of teen steroid users who say they felt like they needed to take the drugs because of images they saw in muscle magazines: As many as 1, Americans, or 0. Adults in the age demographic are twice as likely to have used steroids when compared to the general population.

A debate about the increasing use of drugs by sportsmen and sportswomen to increase performance

Sinceteens are 10x more likely to use steroids today than they were in the past. A majority of the studies performed on steroid abuse indicate males are twice as likely to abuse steroids as females. More than 50 types of anabolic androgenic steroids are currently available for athletes to take today and there are 30 additional stimulants to use in combination with them.

Among those who admit using steroids, 80 percent said they believed the drugs could help them achieve their athletic dreams Even during the ancient Olympic games, athletes were known to eat the testicles of sheep because they realized that it could enhance their performance.

Modern steroid use began inas far as we know anyway, thanks to testosterone injections on Soviet athletes. If we know that steroids are bad to take because it makes the body produce higher levels of testosterone, then why risk long-term health for short-term rewards?

Part of the issue may be the fact that visual exposure to heavily muscled men and women in media today has a similar effect that is seen with models and young girls.

Young athletes are using steroids as well on a very regular basis. The Debate Over Legalization Some believe that it is time to legalize the use of steroids in professional sports. As the statistics show, however, legalizing drug use for professional athletes would very likely increase teen athlete use of steroids.

Only 4 states in the US in had a mandated testing program, which meant that an athlete could easily get away with steroid use. That creates a sense of invincibility that translates into the professional realm and leads to the attitudes of steroid use that are being seen today.The drugs increase the individual’s performance by increasing his/her strength, power, speed or/and ability to endure.

Coakley and Donnelly () have added that Performance enhancing drugs also includes drugs taken to alter body weight or body composition in order to make one more fit for sport. Aug 01,  · Those critical of the use of performance enhancing drugs worry that the ‘all or nothing’ culture pervasive in professional sport, in which: “Second place is first loser” [Ref: Telegraph] drives the need for sportsmen to continually seek ways of coming out on top.

Apr 24,  · Drugs are different Drugs are different.

A debate about the increasing use of drugs by sportsmen and sportswomen to increase performance

The International Olympic Committee and other organisations single out drugs as qualitatively different from other performance-enhancing techniques. Athletes who use blood doping to increase their performance will have a higher red blood cell density. This can be detected by testing the athlete's levels of hemoglobin (protein which causes.

The Gender Equality Debate; A Boost for Women in Sport I am a big believer in gender equality and passionate about equal rights, equal pay and equal recognition, not only when it comes to our female athletes, but for women in general. The Use of Erythropoietin EPO in Sports The use of erythropoietin (EPO) by athletes in recent years has made the headlines of there has been an ever increasing use of performance enhancing drugs in all avenues of sport.

Essay on Pro Doping in Sports Debate. allegedly provided by the use of steroids, along with the increased risk of harm.

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